Global Talent Recruitment of Fujian Normal University


 Originally known as Fujian Superior Normal School founded in 1907 by Chen Baochen, tutor and adviser of the Qing emperor Puyi, Fujian Normal University (FNU) is presently jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Fujian Province. In 2014, it was designated as one of the key high-level universities in Fujian Province. The school is located at Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, with a land area of about 4,000 mu (about 266 hectares). Boasting a total enrollment of more than 20,000 undergraduates and about 7,000 graduate students, the university offers 82 undergraduate programs, covering a wide range of disciplines including literature, history, philosophy, physics, engineering, pedagogy, economics, law, business management, agriculture and arts. Here in FNU, there is 1 national key discipline, 3 innovation and cultivation platforms of provincial preponderant disciplines, 9 provincial distinctive & preponderant disciplines, 26 provincial key disciplines, 19 post-doctoral exchange centers, 19 doctoral programs of first-level disciplines, 37 master programs of first-level disciplines, and 13 professional master programs. In the third round of nationwide disciplinary evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education, FNU has 3 disciplines ranked among the country’s top 10, and 6 among the top 20.

 Vigorously implementing the strategy of “Strengthening FNU through Talents”, we are seeking to recruit, with a wide array of benefits, talented individuals home and abroad who are willing to join us and contribute to FNU’s excellence.

I. Recruitment Disciplines

 Education, Psychology, Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Languages and Literature, Journalism and Communication, Chinese History, World History, Education of Marxist Theory, Law, Political Science, Business Administration, Public Administration, Science of Library, Information and Archive, Art Theory, Music and Dance, Theater and Film Studies, Fine Arts, Artistic Design, Sports Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Optical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electronics Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Geography, Ecology, Biology, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering.

II. Recruiting Requirements

  1.  Outstanding Personalities 

 Talents who excel in academics, teaching and scientific research and meet at least one of the following requirements:

 (1) First level: Academicians, Outstanding Personalities of the Ten Thousand Talents Plan, or other talents with equivalent academic positions and achievements.

 (2) Second level: candidates of Thousand Talents Plan, the leading academics of the Ten Thousand Talents Plan, distinguished professors of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, recipients of National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, or other talents with equivalent academic positions and achievements.

 (3) Third level: National Outstanding Teachers, National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Remarkable Contributions, candidates of Various Kinds of National Talents Project, Nationally Renowned Cultural Experts, or other talents with equivalent academic positions and achievements.

 (4)Fourth level: candidates of Chang Jiang Young Talents Program, Thousand Talents Program for Young Talents, Ten Thousand Young Top-notch Talents Program, recipients of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, or other talents with equivalent academic positions and achievements.

 2.High-level Talents

 (1) Shall be under 50 years (45 for natural sciences), generally with Ph.D. Degree and senior professional title.

 (2) Shall excel in academics, teaching and scientific research and meet the requirements listed in The Detailed Rules for Baochen Program for Supporting Young and Middle-aged Talents in Fujian Normal University, or make the equivalent achievements.

 3.Young Talents

 (1) Shall be under 40 years (35 for natural sciences) with Ph.D. Degree.

 (2) Shall excel in academics, teaching and scientific research and meet one of the following requirements:

 ①Shall meet the requirements listed in The Detailed Rules for Baochen Program for Supporting Young and Middle-aged Talents in Fujian Normal University, or make the equivalent achievements.

 ② Shall have obtained the doctoral degree in the recent 5 years from world top 100 universities in the latest 3 internationally-recognized world university ranking lists.

III. Support Policies

 FJNU offers the following preferential treatment for the full-time employees introduced.

  1.  Remuneration



 Annual Salary

 Relocation Allowance(Including Housing Subsidy)

 Scientific  Research Start-up Grants

 Natural Sciences

 Humanities and Social Sciences

 Outstanding Personalities

 First level

 ≥1.5 million RMB

 A house of 200sq.m in University Town(without ownership, only for living during employment);relocation allowance and  housing subsidy are negotiable


 Second level

 ≥800 thousand  RMB

 A house of 200sq.m in University Town (without ownership, only for living during employment) plus relocation allowance and housing subsidy totaling 2 millionRMB.

 ≥10 million

 ≥2.5 million

 Third level

 ≥600 thousand  RMB

 ≥2.5 million

 ≥8 million

 ≥2 million

 Fourth level

 ≥500 thousand  RMB

 ≥2 million

 ≥4 million

 ≥1 million

 High-level Talents

 ≥300 thousand  RMB

 ≥1 million

 ≥2 million

 ≥500 thousand

 Young Talents

 ≥200 thousand  RMB

 ≥500 thousand

 ≥1 million

 ≥250 thousand


 1. The above remuneration excludes remuneration provided by the state and provincial government or the teaching and research bonus provided by FNU.

 2. Relocation allowance (including housing subsidy) is made up of 90% relocation allowance and 10% housing subsidy.

 3. The above remuneration is the minimum. Remuneration for research teams or urgently needed talents in specific research fields can be discussed on a “case-by-case” basis.

 4. For doctors or post-doctors who meet the requirements, besides the above remuneration, FNU will provide salary equivalent to associate professors’ for three years.

 2. Support for Work and Life

 (1)If necessary, FNU will help to establish research intuitions and offer relevant offices, laboratories and equipment.

 (2)FNU will assist in building research teams and offer support in applying for high-level talents programs and important research projects; FNU will support to admit postgraduate and doctoral students with priority.

 (3)For relocation,FNU will provide 2-year temporary housing orcorresponding rent.

 (4)For their children, FNU will guarantee high-quality education resources.

IV. How to apply

 1.The recruitment is a long-term plan without application deadline. Applicants shall fill in The Application form of Academic/Teaching Posts in Fujian Normal University and send the e-mail version to We will organize detailed discussion with applicants after preliminary assessment of applications.

 2.Contact Information

AddressNo.1, Keji Road, University Town, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China (Postcode360117)


ContactsMr. Yue or Mr. Fu



(Translated by Zhang Aizhen  Reviewed byLin Mingjin)


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