The Summit Forum on the Intrinsic Symbiosis between Chinese Film School and Industrial Development Model


On May 9, the forum was successfully held at Fujian Auditorium. It was co-hosted by Beijing Film Academy and FNU, jointly organized by School of Communication of FNU and Advanced Innovation Center for Future Visual Entertainment of Beijing Film Academy and co-sponsored by the research team of the major project on Studies of Constructing the Theoretical System of Chinese Film School and Fujian Screenwriting Research Center.

Leaders of both the hosting universities respectively addressed the forum opening ceremony. Chen Xiaohong, deputy secretary of FNU Party Committee, on behalf of FNU, expressed welcome and thanks to the participating experts and scholars, and briefly introduced the development of drama and film and TV education of FNU, hoping the experts and scholars could offer valuable opinions and suggestions for the development of the discipline. Hu Zhifeng, deputy secretary and vice president (executive) of Beijing Film Academy, made a speech via video link to expound the intrinsic symbiosis between the construction of Chinese film school and the development of the film industry and wish this forum a complete success. Hou Guangming, former secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Film Academy, affirmed the importance of the forum in his speech and introduced the initiatives of Beijing Film Academy on the construction of Chinese film school.

This forum comprised a seminar and two thematic forums of “History, Current Situation and Trend of Chinese Film Industry” and “New Development Stage and Realization Path of Film Power”. In the seminar, Prof. Hou Guangming, Sun Xianghui, curator of China Film Archive and director of China Film Art Research Center and members of the research team outlined the past, present and future development of Chinese film school, and made a wonderful speech on their respective research topics. In the thematic forums, scholars and experts from Beijing Film Academy, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Renmin University of China, Zhejiang University, Shanghai University, Southwest University, Chinese National Academy of Arts, China Research Institute of Film Science and Technology as well as the Film Art periodical office, the Contemporary Cinema periodical office and the China Film News newspaper office had lively exchanges on the symbiosis between Chinese film school and the Chinese film industry.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee raised the strategic goal of making China a strong country in culture (culture power) by 2035. Being a film power is an important part of being a culture power, and the construction of Chinese film school is an important project to realize the dream of being a film power. The convening of this forum is of forward-looking and constructive significance.


(Translated by Song Ke/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)  


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