The First Fujian Provincial Forum for Young Scholars of Marxist Political Economy and the Alliance Launching Ceremony of the Young Marxist Training Project in Fujian Colleges and Universities Held at FNU


The launching ceremony was held at the Hongda Hall on Qishan campus of FNU on June 5th. The conference was co-hosted by the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the CPC FNU Committee, and the National Research Center for Socialist Political Economy with Chinese Characteristics (FNU), and jointly organized by the Editorial Department of Studies on Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping Theories, the Youth League Committee of FNU, the School of Economics of FNU, the Fujian Provincial School Youth Work Research Association and Fujian Provincial Youth and Children Research Association. More than 200 people attended the event, including Prof. Li Jianping, former president of FNU and director of the National Research Center for Socialist Political Economy with Chinese Characteristics (FNU), Chen Yi, deputy secretary of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Li Xuan, deputy secretary of FNU Party Committee, Prof. Jian Xinhua of Economics and Management School of Wuhan University, Researcher Cao Yongxin, executive deputy editor of Studies on Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping Theories, Prof. Qiu Haiping and Prof. Xie Fusheng of School of Economics of Renmin University of China, Prof. He Zili of School of Economics of Nankai University, Prof. Zhu Andong of School of Marxism of Tsinghua University, Prof. Fang Min of School of Economics of Peking University, Zhou Rui, director of the School Department of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, leaders of the Youth League Committee of 13 Universities in Fujian Province, experts and scholars from many universities and scientific research institutions, and teacher and student representatives from School of Economics of FNU. The conference consisted of four sessions: the opening ceremony, the keynote reports, the sub-forums, and the closing ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Chen Yi and Li Xuan delivered a speech respectively. Chen Yi stated that the Young Marxist Training Project (hereinafter referred to as the Project) is an important way for the CPC Central Committee to fulfill the task of training young Marxists in colleges and universities. Chen also said that FNU has unique theoretical and practical advantages in guiding the construction of the Project in colleges and universities, and that the forum has provided an opportunity to accelerate the construction of the Project in Fujian colleges and universities, and will promote the implementation of training young Marxists and achieve tangible results.

Li Xuan briefly introduced the history of FNU and the excellent results FNU has achieved in theoretical economics. He said that FNU will adhere to the integration of building a first-class and high-ranking university and the mission of educating people, and will effectively take the Project as a strategic one to train determined young Marxists for the Party so as to ensure that the cause of the Party will be carried forward and flourish.

Zhou Rui, director of the School Department of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Huang Jin, deputy director of the National Research Center for Socialist Political Economy with Chinese Characteristics (FNU), signed a joint training strategic agreement on behalf of the School Department and the Center respectively. Zhou Rui read out the written alliance proposals of the Project in Fujian colleges and universities. Li Jianping and Jian Xinhua were hired as outside consultants for the Project. Specially invited experts for the Project included Cao Yongxin, He Zili, Qiu Haiping, Huang Zhigang, Xie Fusheng, Liu Fengyi, Zhu Andong, and Fang Min. Appointment letters for the outside consultants and specially invited experts were awarded by Chen Yi. 

In the keynote report session, a total of 8 experts delivered keynote speeches: The Historical Evolution of the Methodology of Das Capital and its Contemporary Value by Prof. Li Jianping, Four Major Strategies and Two Organic Combinations for Building a New Development Paradigm” by Prof. Jian Xinhua, The Basic Experience of the CPC in the Development and Innovation of Economic Theory in the Past Century by Prof. He Zili, Chinese Practice and Innovation in Economicsby Prof. Qiu Haiping, “Focus of the Times Awaiting the Attention of Young Economists by Researcher Cao Yongxin, “Crossing the Caudine Forks by Prof. Fang Min, “Make Full Use of Political Economy by Prof. Xie Fusheng, and Independence and Opening up to the Outside World: The Historical Evolution of the CPC's Thinking on Foreign Economy” by Prof. Zhu Andong.

In the three parallel sub-forums, more than 100 participating representatives conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on topics such as the 100-year development of economic thoughts of the CPC, studies on frontier issues of socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics, the 100-year history of the CPC and the Project.

Lin Minghui, deputy director of the School Department of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, delivered the closing speech. He said that the conference adhered to the good qualities of Marxist political economy and that the implementation plan of the Project will be further improved to strive to train excellent young Marxists with profound Marxist theoretical foundation, deep love for our country and international perspective.

 The conference, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, conscientiously implemented General Secretary Jinpings important thoughts on youth work, deepened academic exchanges in Marxist political economy, and enhanced young Marxists’ understanding of political theory.


(Translated by Zhang Yuting & Lin Qingya/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)



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